Hooked on Ponics, Aquaponics…

I was hung over from celebrating a friend’s birthday party the night before the Sunday I brought the aquaponics system home. Not a good idea. It took me and my buddy Scott Weir 13 hours to drain the system, dismantle it, and Continue reading

My Big Bike Fail.

So this whole biking thing is more dangerous than I thought. I bailed on my bike on Friday. It was my own fault. I can’t even say it was because of someone else. I was being stupid. I was lane changing to make a left turn and when I shoulder checked and was riding forward, the car in front of me stopped for a pedestrian and by the time I turned my head forward again, I had to slam on my brakes to avoid slamming into the car. Then I tumbled over my handlebars doing a face dive into the road. One emergency dentist trip later (and $300), I had my front tooth glued to my other teeth to stop it from moving, and go back on Tuesday to see if I need a root canal and crown. Boo! There goes all the money I saved so far from BNY. Continue reading