Car-free in a car city

One of the hardest parts of Buy Nothing Year so far has been changing my transportation habits. Prior to BNY, I relied a lot on my trusty prairie Porsche – a white ’97 Chevy Cavalier. I drove almost everywhere: school, work, yoga, groceries, errands, meeting up with friends, to the mountains. A lot of my lifestyle was based around using my car as my primary mode of transportation; it allowed me to fit a lot into a day and I definitely made the most of the flexibility owning a car allows. Continue reading

Stuff: The Place Saver

I am in shock that we are already on the eighth week of this experiment. It feels like time is flying by fast now. When I first started this experiment, I was literally counting down the days like I was serving a prison sentence. Now, I feel like I only have a vague sense of time passing as I watch my clothes get a little rattier. I am really starting to sink into the project now. I reconciled my accounts for August, and I managed to save Continue reading