Car-free in a car city

One of the hardest parts of Buy Nothing Year so far has been changing my transportation habits. Prior to BNY, I relied a lot on my trusty prairie Porsche – a white ’97 Chevy Cavalier. I drove almost everywhere: school, work, yoga, groceries, errands, meeting up with friends, to the mountains. A lot of my lifestyle was based around using my car as my primary mode of transportation; it allowed me to fit a lot into a day and I definitely made the most of the flexibility owning a car allows. Continue reading

Capital C Change (or “getting unstuck”)

Photo from Julie's walk home, Aug 26, 2013.

Photo from Julie’s walk home, Monday Aug 26, 2013.

Less than one month into Buy Nothing Year and I’m already noticing major shifts in how I live my life.

On the surface, the biggest changes have been transportation (I cycle or walk everywhere now whereas before, I would drive my car and not think about it) and food (I eat at home or with friends most nights and bring lunch from home or make lunch at work).

But the shifts that are most significant to me aren’t visible. They are taking place inside me. And it’s hard. Continue reading