Geoffrey and Julie love talking to media and doing things like speeches, guest lecturing, guest blogging and hosting events. Email us to inquire about our availability. We will literally work for food.

Press coverage:

Calgary roommates set out on ‘Buy Nothing Year’ experiment (Metro Calgary, Aug 14, 2013)

Interview with Doug Dirks (CBC Homestretch, Aug 15, 2013)

Geoffrey’s interview with Simi Sara (CKNW Talk Radio 980 in Vancouver, Aug 15, 2013)

Interview with Niki Reitmayer and Tarzan Dan (Kool 101.5 FM Morning, Aug 16, 2013)

Calgary roommates try ‘Buy Nothing’ year (CBC Television, Aug 19, 2013)

Interview with Mark and Jem in the Morning (G987FM in Toronto, Aug 21, 2013)

Consumer culture (Alberta Primetime, Aug 29, 2013)

Grads embark on year of buying nothing (UToday, Aug 30, 2013)

Interview on the Ward and Al Show (SiriusXM Satellite Radio-Canada Sept 19, 2013)

Calgary Roommates ‘Buy Nothing’ For 1 Year; Examine Their Relationship With Money (Huffpost Alberta, Oct 2, 2013)

Calgary friends expand ‘buy-nothing’ idea from one day to an entire year (Daily Brew, Oct 2, 2013)

Two Canadians ‘Buy Nothing’ for a year to battle consumerism (Firstpost World, Oct 3, 2013)

Geoffrey’s interview on  the Brent Loucks Show (NewsTalk 650 CKOM in Saskatoon, Oct 3, 2013)

Calgary roommates take ‘buying nothing’ to a new extreme (Golden Girl Finance, Oct 4, 2013)

Interview on the Sarah Mills Show (Newstalk 980 CJME in Regina, Oct 8, 2013)

‘Buying Nothing’ Yields Unexpected Gains for Calgary Roommates – Global anti-consumption movements gaining popularity (Epoch Times, Oct 15, 2013)

Buy Nothing Year: Changing how we spend (Get Rich Slowly, Oct 24, 2013)

Calgary roommates enter Phase 2 of ‘Buy Nothing Year’ experiment (Metro, Nov 17, 2013)

Geoffrey explains the aquaponics unit ( Scribble, Nov 20, 2013)

Calgary roommates cut back with “Buy Nothing Year” (YAY!LA blog, June 10, 2014)

Frugal friends to loosen purse strings after year of no spending (Calgary Herald, July 31, 2014)

Buy (almost) nothing year comes to an end for pair of Calgarians, who say they saved upwards of $40K each (National Post, July 31, 2014)

Could You Buy Nothing for a Year? These Two Did.  (Swapdom blog, Aug 12, 2014)

The Buy Nothing Year: How Two Roommates Saved More Than $55,000 (Forbes, Aug 20, 2014)

The Buy Nothing Year: How Two Roommates Saved More Than $55,000 (Comments on Reddit, Aug 12, 2014)

Inspiring Simplicity. Weekend Reads. (Becoming Minimalist, Sept 14, 2014)

The buy nothing year – Geoff Szuskeiwicz and Julie Phillips (Radio New Zealand National, Sept 23, 2014)

Forget waiting… letting go is the hardest part (Definitely Not The Opera, CBC Radio, Oct 2 , 2014)

Why I Changed My Life: How a Year of Buying Nothing Taught Me Everything (, March 15, 2016)

2 thoughts on “Media

  1. You impress me. Consumerism sucks. You are smarter than most people sucking the blood out of the planet. I hope that you live long enough to keep a roof over your heads and some food. You could move to a warmer climate and live under a tree like Siddharta. Maybe I’ll find the desire to consume less. I neither live in a big house nor own a car. Lastly, I’m no better than anyone else as a simple human.

    • Hi Andrew, It’s amazing how little we truly need to be happy once we evaluate it. I think that’s part of the system though, so much mindless consumption. Sounds like you are doing your part to lead a conscious life. Thanks for reaching out!

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