Buy Nothing Year: Vlog 4

Our most serious vee-log yet.


3 thoughts on “Buy Nothing Year: Vlog 4

  1. Duh! Of course you guys have fans! I love you and came by for an update and to check out your veelog. 🙂

    It would be cool to see the aquaponics system, and an update on how much you’re saving would also be great.

    Keep it up, guys! You’re awesome. And good-lookin’, too!

    • Aww thanks Kristen, we love you too! I am blog posting tonight on the aquaponics system. The post is written and ready to go, I just need to insert all my pics of it, so check back soon! In terms of how much money we are saving, I have been trying to give some thoughts on how to frame it. Unexpected dental work came up eating away at some of the savings. However, I will keep thinking on it, and will post something on it soon.

  2. We didn’t get to hear Geoff’s recounting of the epic bike crash!! LOL He was distracted by the 3D question 😉 Here are my questions/comments for you:

    1. What exactly is a downsizer? I think I may be one, in my heart….at least, I’m trying to downsize everything in my life…..want some of my stuff?? It needs a good home. I can send a list…..daily……I get a little sick when I think of all the money we’ve spent on stuff the last ten, twenty years….

    2. I would love to know how you are going to handle Christmas gifts and whether you might have some ‘rules’ around it….i.e. homemade only, or foodie gifts, etc.

    3. Ever considered making your own wine?? Would that even be allowed?

    4. I would LOVE if you would share some of your recipes (especially that quinoa salad with the beets, in minute detail!!), also your zucchini brownies….I have a good chocolate zucchini cake recipe, if you’d like to see it 😉

    5. Photos! Of your aqua-thingy, maybe some from the bike path, or walking path or anything else you deem interesting and related to BNY.

    6. Would love to hear more about what tips you have learned from others….also, have you seen ‘Extreme Cheapskates’ yet? So funny and some very interesting and inventive tips!

    I wish I could see your talk at COP coming up on the 25th but my son has an awards night at his old school the same night….I’m thinking I need to be there for that 😉 But if you ever do another talk, I hope to get there!

    Keep going strong!! You guys are an inspiration! 🙂

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