Buy Nothing with us!

We’ve been hearing about lots of folks who have been finding inspiration in what we are doing and attempting similar challenges (see the text I got below)…


Buy Nothing roommates inspire more roommates to embark on Buy Nothing challenge!

We’re curious… If you are planning to participate in Buy Nothing Day on Nov 29 or have your own Buy Nothing project underway, please let us know by either liking this post or commenting below. We’ll do a summary post when we get enough responses next week.


8 thoughts on “Buy Nothing with us!

  1. I have been having a lot of emotional stress when it comes to money. I run my own business and work hard in my business and find that I spend money every day if it is grabbing lunch etc. I have been getting my bills down more and more but have no idea what will happen during tax season. I keep an organized account for month end etc but ya. This work for money than spend it game is really difficult to manage!

  2. Everywhere we go it is shop shop shop buy buy buy. I did make a habit. I really wanted to go into the mall. I pulled into the parking lot. Threw some extra money on a bill instead and drove out. haha
    Another thing I did because I find I am not that good with money is I paid rent, debts and a few other bills off up to 2 months in advance. That way all the money coming in now I can manage better and see where it goes etc. Thanks for inspiring us and looking forward to the blogs

    • That is awesome Steve. Good on you for resisting the temptation to shop. Both Julie and I have found that the temptations can come on quite strong. Even after almost 4 months of not buying stuff, if I enter the mall across from my work I still want to buy things. And they are usually things I don’t even need in any capacity. Goes to show the power of marketing. Better to just avoid and leave temptation out of it.

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  4. Hi. I write from Italy and I live with my son 10 years old. I have never been the kind of person who love shopping. Nevertheless in this last period I was really bored and tired of the way we are all spending our money (and our lifes). In the past I was partecipating to the buy nothing day. Recently I discover your experiment, and found inspiration. I’m really cutting costs, still maintaining what is actually necessary (i mean food, shoes for my son, hygiene). Each time I save money and say NO to something to buy, I feel happy, free and motivated. So i wanted to thank you. And my son as well. THANK YOU from Italy !!!

  5. Hi Geoff and Julie. Thanks so much for your blog. Extremely inspirational!

    I live in Toronto and my husband, 6-year-old, 1-year old, and I have just begun our own challenge. For 2014, we will buy nothing but groceries (and we’re learning to be picky about those too!) I’ve mentioned you and your challenge a couple times in my blog:

    Though we just started, I’m looking forward to the year ahead! Thanks for all the ideas, and good luck to you both.


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