Buy Nothing Year: Vlog 3

Getting into the swing of it… Vlog 3, guys!

Here’s the link to our kijiji page with the items we have available for trade. Check out our new swap/trade page for the items we are currently looking for đŸ™‚

[Also, if anyone knows how to get the audio to sync up better in our YouTube video, please email us or comment below. We are fairly new vloggers and still learning the ropes…]


About Geoffrey & Julie

Geoffrey & Julie are Calgary-based roommates embarking on a one-year life experiment in not buying sh*t.

8 thoughts on “Buy Nothing Year: Vlog 3

  1. Very cool that you’re going to set up an aquaponics unit in your home! I studied indoor aquaponics during my internship last year, and I would really recommend fishless cycling to start out the system. Basically, you put household ammonia in the fishtank water before you add the fish, and after you add the plants/seedlings, so that you can attract the nitrifying bacteria that convert the ammonia into nitrites and nitrates. When the ammonia goes down to 0, then you can add the fish. This method pretty much ensures that none of your fish die during initial cycling of the system. Here are some instructions:

    And here are a few online resources I found extremely helpful:

    • Thanks Joanne for the great resources and tips. The aquaponics system I took over from a buddy so it didn’t seem to need cycling done. I have been monitoring the ammonia, nitrites and nitrate levels and so far so good. The things I have planted are doing good so far too. Although I have been noticing some build up of white fuzzy mold on some of the lava rocks. Do you have any suggestions on what I should do with it?

      • Mould or algae growth is usually an indicator that the top of the rocks are getting too moist. Is it a continuous flow system or does it use bell syphins? If it’s continuous flow, you can do one of two things: change the rate of flow (I.e. make the hole in the tubing smaller) or by putting it on a timer so that it turns off for 30 minutes to an hour at a time every 4 hours or so. If it’s a bell syphon (flood and drain) I’m not entirely sure how you could change it. Maybe add more lava rock to the top layer.
        I hope this helps.

  2. Also, I could send you some digital aquaponics resources if you’d like. (the legality of this may be questionable, so you may not want to approve this comment)
    You can email me at joanne.smolka(at)gmail(dot)com.

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