Week 1 Vlog

We’re vee-logging! It’s coming at ya, over the internet.


About Geoffrey & Julie

Geoffrey & Julie are Calgary-based roommates embarking on a one-year life experiment in not buying sh*t.

11 thoughts on “Week 1 Vlog

  1. Your Dad and I agree that you two are hilarious. . . I love the Vlog because I get to see you and hear you. xoxo Love Mom
    PS: Let me know if you two need anything – haha!

  2. I love your Vlog! Good luck with this experiment Julie. I’ll be watching you to see how it goes. You’ll definitely have your challenges ahead, but if anyone can do it – it’s you! PS: Stock up on toilet paper now if you haven’t already!!!

  3. LOVE the Vlog. You two are inspire me! My 8 year old and I will be following you for this next year. TOTALLY rooting for you two.

  4. ‘Take One…..”laughter”…..ha ha, that made me laugh! Here’s a bizarre request for you….I don’t know why, but it makes me slightly mental when you say ‘Vee-log’, as I’ve always heard it pronounced ‘vuh-log’ (all together…like buh-log, blog….vlog…..I know, I’m insane). Wow, you must think I have absolutely nothing better to do…….sorry, so sorry!! 😉

      • 🙂 So looking forward to this week’s vlog….thanks for being such good sports about that petty little comment, I did mean it with tongue in cheek but I think I must have been pms-ing. *hangs head in shame*

  5. Well done guys! You are cute and brave! I spent a chunk of yesterday avoiding doing things at home and ended up shopping. And I feel stupid because I’m trying to downsize. You just can’t upsize and downsize at the same time. I’m watching and learning and you inspire me!

  6. Ae you guys are adorable. I live in Calgary and find that the more successful I am getting the more I feel I need…. I would love to talk to you guys about it. If you have any advice that would be amazing….Good luck

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