BNY Update

It’s been almost two years since BNY ended and people keep asking us about it. Our lives have both changed so much: Geoffrey is on an around-the-world trip for the next 18 months and Julie is living in Toronto now working for an NGO on citizenship and inclusion issues after taking an impromptu road trip last summer. We both found freedom with the money we saved through the project and are both pursuing things we’ve always wanted to do. Read Laura Shin’s article in Forbes or Julie’s interview in Glamour for an update on how the project continues to affect our lives. Follow Geoffrey’s epic adventure on Instagram at @gszus911 or Julie’s life in Toronto at @julieish.

Buy Nothing Year, PechaKucha-style

We had the opportunity to speak at the Calgary Arts Development event “PechaKucha Night Calgary #18: Medal” in November. Here’s a video of our presentation for those who missed it. Geoff wrote a 6 minute and 40 second spoken word piece to fit into the format (20 slides, 20 seconds per slide) and we presented it as part of an amazing lineup at WinSport. Let us know your thoughts below.

Car-free in a car city

One of the hardest parts of Buy Nothing Year so far has been changing my transportation habits. Prior to BNY, I relied a lot on my trusty prairie Porsche – a white ’97 Chevy Cavalier. I drove almost everywhere: school, work, yoga, groceries, errands, meeting up with friends, to the mountains. A lot of my lifestyle was based around using my car as my primary mode of transportation; it allowed me to fit a lot into a day and I definitely made the most of the flexibility owning a car allows. Continue reading

Hooked on Ponics, Aquaponics…

I was hung over from celebrating a friend’s birthday party the night before the Sunday I brought the aquaponics system home. Not a good idea. It took me and my buddy Scott Weir 13 hours to drain the system, dismantle it, and Continue reading